Thank you for visiting.

Hello and thank you for visiting. As you've probably guessed, my name is Chris Chadwick and I'm a part-time photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.

I've been a keen amateur photographer for a few years but I started the course with the OCA when I realised that although I was enjoying photography and learning as I went along, I really wanted to improve artistically and gain a better understanding of what makes a 'good' photograph. Since starting the course I have developed a real interest in the history of photography, the different styles, genres and uses and I now have a much greater interest in the work of other photographers - something which was missing prior to starting the course. I'm happy to learn from anyone, whether they are historical or contemporary masters, Flickr and Instagram users, fellow students or Jo Bloggs with their iPhone.

I set up this website initially to have a home for my coursework but it also gives me the opportunity to post some of my personal work - not that this side of it gets as much attention as it should! Although I don't really have a 'personal voice' at the moment I think it is gradually developing. This doesn't particularly concern me as I'm happy to keep experimenting and see what develops (pun kind of intended).