The Photographer as thinker.

Reading an article in the BJP this month made me realise why I might be taking less photographs these days. In the interview with Brazilian photographer, Iatã Cannabrava, he makes the point that  "to take a photo is not just to click ... as there is a lot of 'click' in the world". What he is espousing is that photographers need to think and plan more before 'clicking'. This resonated with me as I do now feel that I need more of a reason to take a photograph than I used to. Most of us feel impelled to photograph sunsets and so on although it is quite likely we will never look at the photo again. Although there is nothing particularly wrong with this I do think that as a photography student I now need to concentrate more on thinking, planning and aiming for a particular result in advance, rather than simply firing off shots in the hope that something decent turns out. This type of photography often results in generic and cliched images which serve little purpose.