Ways of Seeing by John Berger

This will be my pocket book for the next few weeks as it is relevant to Context and Narrative  (it's on the essential reading list) and portable (it fits in my pocket). It's focus is on an area which is really starting to intrigue me about photography - how they are read. I'm looking forward to working through it. This book was one of a couple I bought yesterday at Waterstone's. I also got The Photographers Eye by John Szarkowski, which I've been meaning to buy for a while. 

Update. Apparently Berger also wrote a book along similar lines but just about photography - I will need to investigate this. I enjoyed reading Ways of Seeing even though it was predominantly aimed at painting and only the final chapter is devoted to photography. It almost goes without saying though (as the book is on a reading list for a photography course) that there are many useful ideas and concepts which can be equally applied to photography as they can to painting.