Focus: Focus with a set aperture.


 Exercise: Focus with a set aperture.

An interesting aspect of shooting with a wide aperture is that it reduces the depth of field producing out-of-focus areas of the image. In this case I took the 3 images with a 35mm fixed focal length lens, and focused, in turn, on the closest silver birch tree (top image), then the middle tree (centre image) and then the furthest (bottom image). Having fixed the camera on a tripod I needed to use the camera's selective focus points to enable me to focus on the different points without moving the camera.

In this instance my personal preference is for the first image, with the closest tree in focus, as the other 2 images seem a little ambiguous; the detail of the close up tree provides some interest but there is nothing particularly eye-catching about the trees which are further away. If the trees were replaced by things which were more recognisable as individual though, such as people, then perhaps the 2nd or 3rd images would seem more relevant. 

Nearest tree. 

Middle tree. 

Furthest tree.