One thing that is playing on my mind at the moment is that I'm spending a lot of time thinking about taking photographs for my coursework but not very much at all for my own pleasure, so to speak. Although it is still enjoyable creating appropriate images for the course I'm not sparing myself time for personal work. It's not a huge deal as I know that thinking about the course and improving my photography is important to me, but I haven't really done very much photography, which is not course related, for a little while. I suppose what I need to perhaps start considering is trying to blend my coursework more into my own personal stuff (or vice-versa), so that I don't feel that I'm missing out on anything. That said, I'm really enjoying the course so far and feel that although it's a steep learning curve - trying to learn about photographic history and getting to know the Who's Who of photography - I'm enjoying working my way up it! In fact I'm now re-reading Graham Clarke's 'The Photograph' and it's actually making more sense second time around. In the first read through I felt slightly overwhelmed by all the new names and ideas, and to be honest it was a little bit of struggle. This time around I'm definitely feeling more comfortable with it. Coming from a science background it's taking a bit of adjusting to get used to the humanities way of thinking.