Assignment One: Contrasts

The aim of this assignment is to produce 8 pairs of images with each image in each pair showing contrasting features, i.e. high/low, dark/light and so on. An additional requirement is to produce one image where the contrasting features are within a single image.


I was sitting on some steps leading into a building and as I looked up at the blue sky I noticed that the handrail ran diagonally across my view. Perfect!


Beneath the feet these small young flowers are still very low to the ground.


The swirling lit taper in this long exposure creates a rounded design.


Battersea Reach apartments do indeed reach, high into the sky.


Escalators go round and round and round continuously - until the stores close for the night.


The frets on the neck of this guitar are spaced intermittently and decrease in separation as you move from the nut to the bridge.



A cobbled curb and the double yellow lines curve nicely across the image.


Straight lines of trees lead to Hampton Court Palace.


I felt that the pointedness was somehow enhanced by this feature's direction toward the sky.


To me this bollard is the epitome of bluntness. I could perhaps have been more creative with the yellow lines, although in fact they do detract a little from the focus.


The bark of this beech tree has a very rough texture.


I'm not sure I can get away with this or not!


Plenty of onions.


My incredibly long shadow!


Broccoli in short supply


This short screw is put into context by resting it on the Apple logo on the back of my iPhone.

Transparent & Opaque

I came across this empty shop on Wandsworth Bridge Road, which had a glass door and a length of carpet leading to a mirror on the rear wall. It created intriguing possibilities so I took a shot. After cropping it down I felt that it could work to demonstrate the contrast of the transparency of the glass and the opacity of the mirror. The soft reflection in the glass as well as the harder reflection in the mirror add to the complexity.