Over the last few weeks I've spent a lot of time, possibly too much, reading about photography instead of taking photographs, but it certainly hasn't been time wasted. I do feel that the reading that I've done has already opened my eyes quite a bit to a wider view of photography. The book that came with my course material, Graham Clarke's 'The Photograph' was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Although I was vaguely aware of the history of photography, it was really interesting to read about how it developed (no pun intended) into what it is today. I found the book a little 'artistic' at times - which coming from a science background is something I do need to get my head around - but it did give me insights into how much more to photography there is. I've also read through Michael Freeman's 'The Photographer's Eye' and David Praekel's 'Composition'. I expect to refer back to them again and again over time. I recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud and have installed Photoshop and Lightroom which I know will be extremely useful as I progress. This morning I have 'Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classroom in a Book' in front of me and am working through the first lesson. A little while ago I subscribed to digital SLR Photography magazine. I realise now that this type of magazine is a little frowned upon due to its focus on products and gadgets and less on the artistic side of photography, so although I am still a subscriber I now bear this in mind when reading through it. As a novice I do often find tips in there which have improved my camera handling and techniques but as time goes by I doubt I'll continue to subscribe. I've yet to research subscriptions to the recommended journals.

Later today I hope to post some of the work I've done on the latest exercises in the course. I've taken a number of images to prepare for this but haven't got round to posting them yet. These shorter days aren't helping!