Exercise: A Narrative Picture Essay. "The Dog Walk."

For this exercise I decided to try to photographically record a dog walk. This isn't the most exciting of events but it was one I had relatively easy access to! I had thought it was going to be easy - it wasn't - dogs don't always do what you want them to. It was good practice though and it gave me the opportunity to consider the 'story-board' approach. Everyone who walks dogs regularly will know there are certain things which are part and parcel of the dog walk and I have tried to capture some of these in these images. In almost every shot, the subject is key and composition and form have a lesser importance.

It's that time of day. The dogs know from various triggers that we are about to go out for a walk. Once the ball is rolling, there's no going back!

A quick rummage around for the lead, or perhaps a tennis ball.

In Richmond Park - and relief at last! Not perhaps the most tasteful image but certain relevant to the narrative.

Keep Britain Tidy! (for the purposes of this exercise, this is actually a bag of leaves!)

Time to play.

Lots of fun now chasing and fighting over the ball. This action shot was taken at 1/250 sec with the pop-up flash.

Total recall!


Meeting with old friends ...

A chance for me to enjoy the scenery.

Back on the lead for the walk home - and a treat of course.

I had to hide the tennis ball (surely to be found by the next dog) before we set off back.

Home - and more importantly, it's almost dinner time!

The purpose of this exercise was to use a number of photographs to tell a story. In this case it's the story of a walk with the dogs. Although it was my intention to make the images as attractive as possible, the major aim was to incorporate certain scenes into the narrative. I thought through the routine and aimed to get shots of the things that dog-walkers the world over are familiar with. Although I had a 'script' so to speak, getting the dogs to pose wasn't easy and this is where I needed to have the flexibility of having numerous opportunities to convey the story I was trying to tell. Additionally, trying to take the photographs whilst actually carrying out the various duties wasn't easy, but I think it makes for reasonably entertaining viewing.