Exercise: Concentrating light.

This exercise didn't actually demand any photographs, but I took a couple anyway to experiment with the idea.

This image was lit by using a remote radio-controlled flash fitted with a snoot. A little light is coming in through the window but the focus of the shot is clearly in the centre of the image. The subject matter is irrelevant in this case, it was simply taken to show how a section of the photograph can be isolated by concentrating the light.

This image was again lit with a radio-controlled flash fitted with a snoot to concentrate the light. The flash was aimed at the dog's face but it is has also lit a little of the sofa to the side and behind the dog.

Concentrating the light can be useful for highlighting a particular part of a scene, or to diminish the presence of other parts of the image. It can be very useful for creating atmospheric images and to target light into specific areas of a photograph which are difficult to light with more broad lighting.