Exercise: Outdoors at night.

In this exercise I have taken a number of photographs where there has been very little natural light. These images were all taken without the use of a tripod but at high ISO settings. Some suffer slightly from movement blur and because of the high ISO, there is digital noise. 

ISO 800 * 1/40s * 105mm * f/5.3

This is a night-time shot of the interior of Five Guys in Kingston. The thing that strikes me most about this image is the boldness of the red lettering, which although they standout even in daytime, they are really eye-catching at night time.

 ISO 320 * 1/3s * 18mm * f/4.5  This was a hand held shot, albeit resting on the railings, above the underpass on the Kingston one-way system.

ISO 320 * 1/3s * 18mm * f/4.5

This was a hand held shot, albeit resting on the railings, above the underpass on the Kingston one-way system.

ISO 6400 * 1/125s * 26mm * f/4

The little ambient light that there was enabled me to get a balance between the interior and exterior of this church. Shutter speed was 1/125 sec and ISO was a whopping 6400. 

ISO 3200 * 1/160s * 22mm * f/4

This shot was taken with a  focal length of 22mm (35mm efl) so I could probably have reduced the ISO and shutter speed by 3 stops to around ISO 400 and 1/20s (especially as the lens has image stabilisation) and still have taken a similar shot. Sometimes at the spur of the moment you don't check these things!

ISO 4000 * 1/60s *  80mm * f/5

These contrasting shop fronts caught my eye and I felt I had to capture them at some point. It meant standing in the middle of a busy side road and as it was hand-held, required a very high ISO.

ISO 1000 * 1/50s * 35mm * f/1.8

The Shard, London. I wanted to keep some of the clouds in the shot so I had to bump the ISO up a bit. I could possibly have lowered the shutter speed a little though instead.

ISO 1600 * 1/80s * 18mm * f/4

The high ISO meant I was able to achieve a decentshutter speed which was sufficient to freeze the action and avoid camera blur.

ISO 1600 * 1/60s * 52mm * f/5.6

I liked this shot simply because of the colours in the background.

ISO 100 * 1/3s * 32mm * f/4.2

For this shot, with a low ISO and low shutter speed I was really risking camera blur but it was fairly acceptable in the circumstances.

ISO 800 * 1/30s * 35mm * f/1.8

A closed police station, lit by a single external lamp.

ISO 100 * 1/4s * 35mm * f/4.5

I was panning to take this one which has resulted in the police van being squashed together somewhat! Additionally there is significant camera blur but it all adds to what I think is a quite likeable photograph!

ISO 800 * 1/30s * 35mm * f/1.8

Streetlights in the rain. This image is quite significantly cropped.

ISO 800 * 1/80s * 35mm * f/1.8

This image has a nice balance between natural and artificial light.

ISO 5000 * 1/80s * 60mm * f/2.8

Slightly abstract shot looking out of a window at some buildings lit by street lights. Some internal artificial lights are shown clearly in the reflection.

ISO 400 * 1/100s * 35mm * f/2.8

The mighty Blue & White Wizards (Sheffield Wednesday) warming up prior to their evening game against QPR in London. The lighting is supplied by the stadium floodlights.