Exercise: Curves

This exercise is about showing curves within an image, and how those curves emphasise movement and direction. In contrast with horizontal and vertical lines - which tend to emphasise stability - curves, like diagonals, can have the effect of guiding the eye of the viewer and consequently, give the image a sense of dynamism.

The familiar curve of a roundabout conveys the sense of movement from right to left in the foreground and from left to right at the rear. This sense of movement is enhanced by the directional arrows on the signs. I feel that the eye naturally follows the road around.

This brick wall starts off parallel to the viewer on the right and finishes perpendicular on the left. The curve guides the eye from right to left.

Here, I feel that the viewer's eye naturally follows the sweeping curve of the slip road and white wall around to the top right.

Although there is no clear distinct curving line here, the steps themselves clearly curve up and away to the top left of the image. They are not the most glamorous of steps but they do still gracefully lead the eye up and along them.