Exercise: Horizontal and Vertical Lines

This exercise is about identifying apparent lines, both horizontal and vertical. 'Apparent', as often a line is not a physical thing, in the way we imagine a line drawn by a pencil to be, but a border between two contrasting areas, such as the horizon line. I have taken four photographs of apparent horizontal lines, and four of apparent vertical lines.

This narrow, light-coloured road creates an apparent horizontal line between the two patches of darker toned grass.

This image is of a translucent corrugated skylight, which has apparent horizontal lines due to the angle of sunlight and the accumulation of debris.

This image shows a rail track on an embankment creating a horizontal line against the sky. The out-of-focus barbed wire was not initially meant to be so prominent a part of the image, but in fact it is probably the horizontal line that catches the eye (as well as the clothes!)

Close up of a spirit level which is (almost) horizontal. I should have taken a bit more time over this one!

A vertical black drainpipe contrasts with the lighter toned bricks.

The London Eye from a slightly unconventional viewpoint.

This image shows the underside of a split railway bridge. The sky above forms the apparent vertical line as it contrasts against the shaded underside of the bridge.

Although there are lots of lines and implied lines in this image, I left in the strip of sky on the left of the image to create the obvious vertical line.