Looking through the viewfinder: A sequence of composition.

Exercise: A sequence of composition.

I didn't find this exercise particularly easy  as I couldn't get it clear in my mind what I was expected to achieve. In the end, what I did was a sequence of images taken on Remembrance Sunday culminating in images of the memorial in Kingston town centre.

I started with the idea of getting an image of the wreaths being laid at the war memorial, but it was very crowded and the various dignitaries, clergy and representatives of the military had already gathered in the square in front of the memorial. So I took a couple of shots of the people assembled - this one is of the sea cadets prior to the minister's address.

This young drummer seemed a little nervous.

Clutching the drumsticks in anticipation.

I walked around the side of the park which contains the memorial, to see if I could get a shot of the wreath laying.

Not the greatest of efforts.

Some of the RAF cadets assembled behind the memorial.

Another shot (through the iron railings of the park) of the rear of the memorial.

Again from the rear of the memorial, during hymns.

Although it would be wrong to set Remembrance Day aside for English servicemen and women only, the flying of the George Cross seemed appropriate so I've included it in the sequence.

After the minutes silence and the readings by the minister, the dignitaries assembled in front of the Guild Hall for the march past. this and the following shots were taken from the same point.

The Lady Mayoress heading for the service at the Rose Theatre.

The Royal Marines have a light-hearted moment, not shared by the Royal Navy!

I was having a coffee and was looking for a candid shot of one of the RMC when I was  joined by a guest. It was a good opportunity to combine the two. The serviceman was having a crafty cigar and coffee but I didn't quite get the timing right.

With most people now gone from the memorial I finally managed to get a couple of the shots I wanted although sadly not with the people.

I didn't quite get the exposure right in this image, and my limited skills in Photoshop didn't particularly help.

I hadn't intended to capture this event but it was an enjoyable experience.The final image is a fitting tribute and although it wasn't what I had originally intended it is close to the mark.