Looking through the viewfinder: Object in different positions in the frame.

Object in different positions in the frame.

Aircraft in the centre of the frame. No movement is implied and the subject itself is not particularly interesting.

Aircraft is now placed in the top left of the image. Here there is a sense of movement; that it is heading somewhere and leaving the scene. It might be assumed that the aircraft is taking off, but in fact it is on its way to land at Heathrow.

Here the aircraft is placed in the bottom of the frame - this seems somewhat odd and there is less sense of movement. Placing a subject at the bottom of the frame  might usually give a feeling of 'groundedness' but this doesn't seem to apply for something that is in mid-air. It's as though the aircraft is struggling to gain altitude.

In this image, there is a feeling of movement; the aircraft is flying into the empty sky on the left of the frame. This works quite well for this subject.

Positioning of the subject in the frame can certainly affect the feel of the photograph (I lack the required artistic vocabulary to describe this better!). In these particular images the aircraft is facing in one particular direction and this influences the how the image might be read. It can only really move from right to left (or down) and this affects which placements work and which seem odd. I find this aspect of framing quite interesting particularly with a single subject in a plain background. It brings in the idea of negative space as well as potential external influences on the subject which aren't captured in the image.