Overdue Assignment

Well there's a first! Not really of course, as most students will have got behind for one reason or another. Although I'm slightly annoyed with myself for getting behind, I can console myself with the fact that I have spent almost every day doing something photography/course related. However, I really do need to sit down and compose the final exercises and put together my first assignment now. I've been assembling images over the last couple of weeks which I may use in the Contrasts assignment so I've been slowly getting there 'behind the scenes' so to speak. This first few months of the course has been quite a steep learning curve, with a lot of concepts to take in. Additionally, being quite new to 'art' it's almost as though I have to put on a completely different hat to the one I'm used to wearing. I've been reading a lot about various aspects of photography and taking a fair number of pictures but over the coming week I need to consolidate this into actually completing the assignment!