I feel much better now that I've made some headway over the last few days. There's definitely something to be said for just forcing yourself to get stuck in - before you know it you've built up a head of steam and things start falling into place again. I know photography is something I enjoy doing so why I found it difficult to sit down and get on with it, I don't know. Recently everything seemed to have gone on the back burner and my time was being filled with, well... not very much.
Anyway, I got through three exercises over the weekend: Positioning a Point, Multiple Points and Horizontal & Vertical Lines, and I was quite pleased with the results. I've even scheduled my second assignment for June 8th, and this time I intend to get it in on time. I've decided to be a bit fairer on myself and not try to find perfect top class images for everything, as I found it was holding me back unnecessarily. Rather than run a Ferrari into a brick wall I've decided to take it steady in a Skoda. Well ... maybe a BMW. It is still my intention to do my best of course, but not at the expense of holding up my future progress.