Focus: Focus at different apertures.

Focus at different apertures 

This project aims to show the effect of different aperture settings on the depth of field. A wide aperture (lower f-stop number) will decrease the depth of field, whereas a narrow aperture (higher f-stop) will deepen the depth of field bringing more of the image into focus.

All three images were taken with a 60mm prime lens and the focus point was on the clear glass vase.

In the top image, the aperture is set to its widest (lowest f-stop number) and this creates a blurring in the foreground and background. Only the clear vase is in focus.

In the second image, I have stopped the aperture right down to f/32. This increases the depth of field so that not only is the foreground vase much more in focus, but it is also possible to make out the numbers on the roll of fabric in the background.  

The bottom image is at f/18 and although the clear, blue and orange vases are in focus, the violet one in the foreground is out of focus (and the numbers are illegible on the fabric roll).

f/3.2 1/100 ISO1400

f/36, 1/4, ISO 6400

f/18, 1/15, ISO 6400