Looking through the viewfinder: Fitting the frame to the subject.

Exercise: Fitting the frame to the subject

I struggled to find a good subject for this exercise. In the end I felt I was wasting time looking for something that would work so settled for a tree stump. I think it caught my eye because it looked a little bit like Uluru (or Ayers Rock as it was formerly known.)

This is the first shot. No real thought went into it and it was an instinctive composition, just positioning the stump towards the centre of the image.

Here, I've composed the shot to get the whole of the stump in the frame, with as little surrounding as possible.

For the image which required no outer edges of the edged of the subject to show I switched to a portrait composition to highlight the vertical splits in the wood. I also concentrated on an area of colouring to add interest.

To put the subject in its surroundings, I moved away from the subject and used a lower perspective which allowed the woodland in the background to be shown in the shot.