Reflection on Assignment 2: Elements of Design

Assignment Two concerned the Elements of Design. This meant that there was a focus on the individual element within the image, with the context of the image being slightly less important. I tried to present interesting images nevertheless and apply good composition whenever I could. Lokking back over the preparatory work, I'm slightly frustrated that I used some better images in the exercises than I did in the assignment!

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I was quite pleased with how I did in this criterion. Compositionally I think I'm getting to understand what makes a good composition and what doesn't, and I have spent quite a bit of time studying this. Incorporating good composition into all my photos is important to me, even if it isn't always demanded for the purposes of the exercise. Visually, I did try to seek out some interesting subjects rather than just using things close to hand. I'm learning to 'see' a good image before capturing it. A few of the images I felt were a bit dark/drab, something my tutor pointed out after Assignment One. My only justification for this is that it was the element in question that was the important subject rather than the overall image. That said, I would be happier if I'd been able to get the balance right. Something I need to work on.

  • Quality of Outcome

Presentationally I'm struggling a little as I try different ways to arrange my work for submission. I think this will improve as I progress and I will settle on good way of presenting my work. I do perhaps need to spend a bit more time addressing my understanding of the concepts. I feel as though I do understand the various concepts without too many problems, but maybe I need to convey this understanding more clearly.

  • Demonstration of Creativity

As with Assignment One, I have experimented a little with things like viewpoint, but this is certainly an area where there is room to explore. Working in grayscale limited flexibility a little and also the nature of the assignment, where the emphasis is about emphasising a specific element meant that there was perhaps less room for adding additional content.

  • Context

I have done quite a bit of reading around composition and the elements of design, and I do feel I have quite a good grasp of the concepts. Again though, I do think I need to spend more time writing this learning up, rather than just 'knowing it'.