Reflection on Assignment 3: Colour

Assignment Three concerned the use of colour. Following the previous assignment's remit which covered the elements of design (lines/tome etc), and which I shot completely in greyscale, this assignment highlighted the additional design element: colour.

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I was quite happy with this criterion. Compositionally I have implemented some of the feedback I have had from previous work and have also utilised my learning in this area. I feel that my understanding of composition is now quite good for this level. I feel that I am better able to 'see' a  good image now and technically I am reasonably proficient at creating it in camera.

  • Quality of Outcome

I am quite pleased with how the assignment turned out. My sketches weren't ideal though and my understanding of 'movement' within the image is still a bit unclear - I felt I was making things up a bit when it came to movement, i.e. showing movement that wasn't there just to fulfil the criteria.

  • Demonstration of Creativity

Keith noted that I had tried to be creative with a couple of the images in this assignment and I was pleased that he recognised and praised this. I was also pleased that he raised the point about my work being graphically simple as this gives some shape to the beginnings of a 'personal voice'. I haven't experimented much though - this is one area of my work which is currently weak.

  • Context

I have tried to spend a fair bit of time researching colour and how it works in photography, but again I have failed to record a lot of this research in my assignment and in my coursework in general. I think I do need to flesh out my submissions more to incorporate more of the context into my work.