Reflection on Assignment 4: Light

This assignment involved the use of natural and artificial light to illuminate a subject in such a way as to display certain elements, namely: shape, form, texture and colour.

I wrote this reflection having already read Keith's very prompt feedback, so although I've tried to put this out of my mind, I have naturally taken this on board as I reconsidered my submission.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Technically I think I handled this aspect of the assignment pretty well. I had enjoyed experimenting with lighting set-ups and I have managed to get a decent grasp on how to adjust lighting to achieve the look I was after. I was pleased with how I have progressed with learning to use remote flash, reflectors and diffusers. Although it took some experimentation (and numerous failures) it was rewarding and useful to do.

Quality of Outcome

This was debateable. I rushed the submission to get it done on time and having chosen a simple subject, the submission seemed a little half-hearted. I was pleased with some of the images - particularly the artificially lit one - but the ones shot in natural light weren't great.

Demonstration of Creativity

Although the outcome wasn't ideal, I was pleased with some areas of my creative approach. I sourced various items from art shops to help me try different lighting techniques and experimented a little with colour theory. Even though the final outcome overall wasn't as I'd wished, I was happy that by experimenting and trying new things I have improved my technical skills and shown myself that exploring new ideas can really lead to interesting ideas for future work.