Reflection on Assignment One

Assignment One took me a long time to complete. I felt that I'd got off to a good start, but even then I was spending a lot of time trying to get perfect images. Instead of looking for an image which could demonstrate a contrast, I looked for interesting images and then considered whether it would work in the assignment. This was probably the wrong approach and it dragged my work out too much. I got some good photographs during that time but I should have been focussing more on the assignment! Overall I am reasonably satisfied with the collection. I think there's a good mixture of images (I was conscious of having too many in Richmond Park where I spend a lot of time) and a mixture of colour and black & white.

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I think I did OK here. Technically I think I'm competent enough to create the image I want up to a reasonable level. Observationally I spent a lot of time looking for images that would work but I think I could do better. Sometimes I would see something and fail to act, at other times I would probably not see the opportunity at all. Looking through my images I think my composition is close to the mark on the whole. On one or two occasions I have experimented a little but I think on the whole I have followed the 'rules' and the in terms of design and composition, the images have worked quite well. I have improved in areas such as cropping, where I know think much more about what isn't required rather than just about what is.

  • Quality of Outcome

I am reasonably pleased with the content overall, I think I utilised what I'd learned in the first part of the course, particularly in terms of composition. In terms of communicating and conceptualising my ideas and thoughts, I think I have covered things to a basic level but I can definitely improve in this area.

  • Demonstration of Creativity

Again, I'm quite pleased with how I performed in this criterion. I've tried to be inventive, humorous at times and also experimented a little. I used my digital compact camera as well as my DSLR to enable me to take pictures slightly more discretely. This made composition slightly more difficult but meant I could be a bit more mobile and increase the variety of images I could obtain.

  • Context

I've not covered much of what I've been researching in my learning log. This is one area where I definitely need to improve. I haven't been to any exhibitions yet, but I have read a great deal and this has helped me enormously particularly in areas such as composition. I feel that my handling of the camera from a mechanical and technical point of view is good for this level but my reading of the work of others is still below par.