Reflections on Assignment 5

Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills

For this assignment I really forced myself to get out there technically and do some proper portraits. The models, some of my colleagues from work, were quite relaxed about it but nevertheless it was still difficult to guide them as to how I wanted them to sit/stand/pose and so on. It was quite an unusual position to find myself in. I had spent a fair bit of time setting up my 'studio' in a corner of the warehouse at work and had tried doing a few self portraits to get the lighting right, propping up diffusers, moving the remote flash around and adjusting exposure. In the end I was really pleased with the portraits which were nicely balanced between light from a north facing window and a radio triggered flash. Visually, I think I have definitely progressed, particularly when I look back at my first pieces of work. Now I have an idea in my head prior to setting up the shot, which wasn't always the case.

Quality of Outcome

I would like to have spent a little bit more time on the magazine layout aspect of the work as the images lost a little of their context without text (an interesting thing to note actually) Although I have added comments, it doesn't work the same as having proper descriptive text, so it looked a bit strange. That said, this aspect of it was really secondary to the images. In terms of producing a coherent narrative I think I did quite well. My submission to Keith was as a pdf file when it perhaps would have worked better if I'd actually printed it out as a magazine. I'd created it using Adobe's InDesign but I was unsure as to whether someone without that program would have been able to open it as it was so I changed the format to pdf before sending it through.

Demonstration of Creativity

I was quite pleased with the images overall but if anything I felt slightly limited with the number of images I was able to use.  I think I could have been more creative if I'd been allowed to incorporate more images. I had to remove a few which I thought were interesting simply to keep the numbers within the brief. Looking back I might have gone a bit heavy on the portraits and shots of the components and maybe should have restricted these to allow for a couple of more creative shots, such as the two below.