Tutor Feedback. Assignment 2 - Elements Design

Firstly I'd like to thank Keith for his valuable feedback. Although I received the feedback some time ago - and read it immediately of course - it has taken me some time to get around to writing it up. The original copy of the feedback can be found here

Again, as a relative novice, I was pleased with the feedback I received from Keith. Although I was reasonably happy with the submission, it was pleasing to see that Keith particularly liked some of the images that I had submitted, but also highlighted some points, for instance with cropping, which I hadn't considered myself. Additionally, it was encouraging that where I felt I was challenging the brief a little, this was accepted without question. I understand that it's generally seen as a positive to view things from a slightly different angle to that which may be suggested in the brief - within reason of course.

Some other aspects of the feedback continue to be works in progress: development of the blog, consideration of exposure and composition, and the use of monochrome for example.

Where I feel I have let myself down since submitting  the assignment is that I haven't spent enough time writing up my research. I spend a fair bit of time reading photography journals such as Source and the BJP - both of which I now subscribe to - as well as all sorts of photography books, either on the reading list or not. I have also recently started attending study visits, but my main failing is that I'm not adding this learning to my log, which I know is bad practice. This is something which I need to improve on. If it isn't already is is certainly going to be a New Year's resolution! Additionally, this has meant that I haven't planned my recent research to incorporate Keith's suggested reading until now. Fortunately I am familiar with all of the photographers Keith mentioned, as well as the Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes, as this work is mentioned in various texts I've read. I haven't read Barthes's book itself but I hope to do so in due course. The idea of the studium and punctum, as well as the denotative and connotative are very interesting concepts and do certainly help form a framework in my mind when it comes to reading a photograph. I am quite familiar with Martin Parr's work as well as the Magnum agency and I am familiar to a lesser degree with William Eggleston. Stephen Shore is a fairly new name to me but I noticed that it is one of his images which has been used to promote the Constructing Worlds study visit which I will be attending on 10th January 2015. I haven't spent time properly studying the work of these photographers but I am adding them to my list of ones to focus research on and I will be sure to follow this up. I hadn't heard of Tom Wood until Keith suggested him to me, but I have had a quick look at his work via a quick internet search and I already like it! It reminds me of my youth in Sheffield and the bus rides I used to take. 

I need to now crack on and complete Assignment 3.