Tutor Feedback: Assignment 4 - Light

The original feedback from my tutor Keith Roberts can be found here.

Again I am pleased overall with Keith's feedback in that he felt that it was a successful submission. It has taken me a long time to get this assignment in; I had been accumulating images for several months in order to complete the various exercises but for a number of personal reasons I have been very late getting the work in. To meet the submission date (which had already been extended) I was rushing a little to get the assignment done and I think this showed in what I ended up producing (choosing too simple a subject). Consequently, there were a few issues which I was aware of, where I didn't feel I'd succeeded or had properly covered, and Keith picked up on these.

One area in which I am aware I have been weak, is reponding specifically to suggested reading, or the reviewing of specific work by photographers Keith has recommended. Although I have often looked at the work or read texts along similar lines to those suggested by Keith, I haven't written this up, so there isn't necessarily any indication that I have done the research. I need to concentrate more on this when entering work on my learning log so I am clearly demonstrating my acknowledgment of these recommendations. Admittedly I haven't always researched Keith's specific suggestions in depth, but I do feel that I have spent sufficient time covering the technical and/or aethesthetic aspects of the examples Keith has suggested. I am keeping a record of these recommendations though and will ensure I gradually work my way through them as I continue my studies. 

Another issue Keith mentioned, which I was concious of,  was the amount of written work I am producing. I think it is connected to the previous issue of not recording everything I'm doing. I know myself that I am spending a lot of time reading about photography and indeed taking photographs and experimenting, but I think I do need to start actively recording this on a more regular basis. I have been consciously not cluttering up my learning log with musings, but I think I've perhaps I need to readdress this and pehaps separate them out from my actual coursework by categorising them differently. I have started doing this very recently will now endeavour to do this more.

Keith suggested I try and become more involved in on-line forums and discussion groups. this is something I have let slip over the past few months and will try and get back on track with it now. I have really enjoyed the interaction with other students and tutors at the study visits I've attended. It is always very useful to hear the thoughts of others and to pick up tips and advice form those more experienced, or indeed at the same level as me. And of course, seeing the displayed work of other photographers and having chance to discuss this work with others, is very enlightening.

I really enjoyed the experimentation in working towards this assignment, particularly with regard to artificial lighting/slow shutter speeds. It is an area I have become very interested in and will try and incorporate more of it into my work whenever it's appropriate. Keith gave me some very positive comments about how I am progressing in terms of research, creativity and experimentation and although I am slightly disappointed with this submisison I look forward to incorporating the necessary improvements suggested by Keith in my future work.