Tutor Feedback - Assignment 5 - Narrative

The original feedback from my tutor can be found here.

I was quite pleased with this assignment submission particularly as it got me out of my comfort zone a little and yet, in terms of the photographs I took, I managed to achieve what I was aiming for. 

One of the things Keith was critical of in this assignment was the layout of the submission, which was meant to be in the form of a magazine with written text alongside the images. I was aware of this at the start and I created the original assignment using InDesign with the plan to submit it in a magazine format. In the end though I submitted it as a pdf which meant it lost it's magazine-style layout. The text/captions were added as 'comments' which I realise now wasn't the idea - I'm not actually sure why I did it that way to be honest! Similarly my learning log doesn't show it in a magazine format either so I may need to make some changes before I submit the assignment for assessment.

Another thing Keith mentioned which I need to bear in mind is that my reviews tend to be too descriptive and that I don't take enough of a critical stance. Thinking about it, this is a very valid criticism and probably stems from me still feeling like I'm learning and perhaps not experienced enough to be critical. I need to work on this - starting with my most recent study visit I think!

Other than that, Keith was very positive. It's now on to preparing for assessment!