Tutor Feedback. Assignment 3: Colour

The original feedback from my tutor Keith Roberts can be seen here.

Again I was pleased by Keith's positive comments on my assignment. The points I am particularly trying to take on board are:

  1. Academic referencing. This is something I need to be more conscious of and incorporate more of it in both my learning log and my assignments.
  2. Spending more time looking at the work of the photographers Keith has recommended. I tend to be conscious of their work rather than particularly familiar. I do need to become more active in searching out their work and getting to know and understand it better.
  3. Keith mentioned how, after seeing 3 submissions, he felt that graphically my photographic work is quite simple and that this is not a bad thing. This had made me think about my photography and perhaps bear this observation in mind as I produce more work.
  4. Keith mentioned study visits and their importance. I have made a real effort to attend as many of these as I can and I am quite pleased with what I have learned from attending them.

One thing I do need to do is to absorb the feedback and then act on it for the next assignment rather than doing the next assignment and then looking to see if I have incorporated the feedback in the work.